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Quarantine Tips: 15 fun things to do while you are stuck at home

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Most likely, the authorities in your country have asked you to stay at home either as a precautionary or corrective measure to stop the spread of the coronavirus. If you are not a home gal or you are not very used to being at home for several days in a row, you are probably wondering what the heck you will do all this time to not get bored, well you have come to the right place, my friend, because in this post I am going to share with you 15 fun ideas to spend this quarantine in the best possible way, I hope they are useful to you.

1 // Have virtual parties

I know that social distancing is difficult, but remember that you still have the option of organizing virtual parties with your beloved ones, whether they are family or friends, you can spend a good time with them chatting, eating, playing or even watching a movie. It is a good opportunity to catch up and have a lovely time during these difficult times.

2 // Make your own face and hair masks

This quarantine is also a good opportunity to pamper yourself and give your skin and hair a little love. You can prepare your own hair and face masks with ingredients that you already have at home so that when the time comes, you return to your work or school looking spectacular. I assure you that you will have a lot of fun making and applying your own potions.

3 // Workout at home

This idea may sound more fun to some than to others. If you are part of the second group, you can do your workout with someone at home or challenge a friend to do it remotely, in this way you will turn sports into a fun activity. You can find different routines on YouTube, you just need to choose the one you like best and start. As an alternative, you can practice yoga or simply stretch, the important thing is to stay active.

4 // Research the latest fashion trends

Do you find difficult to be fashionable? Now that you have time, you can use it to research the latest fashion trends in different magazines and blogs, you can also take inspiration from your favorite influencers on social media. Do not forget to take note of your findings, in this way when the quarantine ends you can apply everything you have learned and become a fashion queen.

5 // Shop your closet

For this fun activity, first, you must clean your wardrobe and second, research fashion trends. In this way, you will know what exactly you have inside your closet and you will be able to create very original and modern looks with your clothes (without having to buy anything extra). You can also play around and try crazy combinations of patterns and colors. After this activity, you will surely have at least a couple of cool outfits to impress everyone when the quarantine is over.

6 // Re-create makeup tutorials

If you are not very good at makeup, now is the perfect time to improve, and if you are already good at it, now is the ideal time to try new techniques and create more daring and colorful looks. I recommend you to watch tutorials on YouTube and try to recreate them, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t come out perfect on the first try, just keep practicing and have fun.

Some of my favorite beauty YouTubers are KathleenLights, Allie Glines, and Desi Perkins. You can also check out my channel and try to recreate my last makeup tutorial.

7 // Take over your kitchen

Whether or not you have cooking skills doesn't matter, pick a recipe and have fun making it. If you are spending quarantine with someone at home, you can do this activity together and I assure you that the fun will be greater. Find my chocolate cookie recipe in my Instagram's highlights.

8 // Exercise your imagination

You can use this time at home to read some classic books you haven’t read before, re-read your favorites ones, or read something completely new and different. There are thousands of electronic books that you can easily download from the Internet, surely you will find very good options that fit your tastes. This is definitely a good alternative to exercise your imagination and slightly vary your habit of watching Netflix.

9 // Write about something you like

You can write about your favorite topic or just start a journal. It doesn't matter the topic or if you share it with other people or not, the important thing is that you have a lovely time with yourself while you are writing.

10 // Start a craft project

During this quarantine, you can also start a DIY (Do It Yourself) project, for example, a scrapbook for your favorite photos, a TIE DYE shirt, jars and organizers for your kitchen, etc. On Pinterest, you will find plenty of interesting and creative ideas to re-create. Don't let the coronavirus limit your creativity.

11 // Go back into an old hobby

You may have an old hobby that you have not been practicing lately due to the lack of free time, well, now's your chance to practice again that activity you enjoyed so much: playing an instrument, painting, writing songs, playing a sport, or the activity you prefer, as long as you can do it at home.

12 // Plan your next vacation

I know this sounds crazy, especially because we don't know how long this situation will last, however you can start thinking about your next destination, researching about that place, comparing accommodation options and being ready for when the time comes. However, my recommendation is just to plan and enjoy the process, do not buy anything yet.

13 // Do outdoor activities (at home)

Do you have a pool, garden or balcony? Be creative with the activities you can do there, exploit every corner of your house. For example, if you have a garden, you can have a picnic with your quarantine companions, or you can exercise there instead of indoors. Even if you live in an apartment without a balcony, I recommend opening your window and getting fresh air for a couple of minutes every day, this will help reduce the stress and anxiety of being locked up.

14 // Have fun on social media

Creating content for your social networks can be more fun than ever. You can take creative indoor photos for Instagram, share something in your stories (a recipe, a home workout, etc.), make fun videos for TikTok, or just nominate your friends to perform certain challenges. These activities are simple but without a doubt, they will make you and your friends have a nice time.

15 // Netflix and chill

This activity does not need an explanation, you just have to choose the right show or movie, relax and enjoy. I'm pretty sure you're already doing it, so tell me in the comments which are your favorite series and movies.

The latter are just a few ideas on how you can spend your quarantine in the best possible way, however, there are many more things to do, just get creative and you will find plenty more options. Finally, I just want to remind you that this quarantine is not an excuse to be lazy, you must also fulfill your obligations and be productive in your day-to-day.

Leave me your comments if you liked this post, or if you have other ideas of fun things to do at home. Also, let me know if you are interested in a post with productive things to do during COVID-19 quarantine.


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