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Beauty Tips: 7 tricks to make your natural makeup last all-day

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

If you are the type of person who prefers a natural makeup on a daily basis (to go to work, school or run errands) and you struggle with the fact that your makeup tends to disappear if you don’t reapply it several times during the day, this post is for you. Here, I am going to share 7 small but important tricks to improve not only the longevity but also the application of your every-day makeup:

Trick #1. Clean and prepare your skin

Have you ever heard that every work of art begins with a clean blank canvas, well, the same goes for your makeup. To make your makeup look flawless, you must start working on a clean surface. That is why I recommend you to use a special facial cleanser for your skin type, but if you want to get even better results, you can use a cleanser with exfoliating particles, in this way your skin will not only be clean but will be smoother and ready for a more even makeup application.

Trick #2. Never skip your skincare routine

I understand that most of the time we don’t have so much time in the morning before starting our daily activities, however, skincare is a step in your routine that you should never ever skip. You don’t have to apply ten different layers of products, all you have to do is make sure your skin is properly moisturized, in this way, your makeup won’t look cakey or funny after a couple of hours. At this point, you should know which products work best for your skin type, if so, stick with those products, however, if you are new on these topics and still don’t have an established skincare routine, I recommend you to start at least with a light-weight moisturizer, an eye cream, and an SPF (please don’t use any oil-based product, otherwise you will be a greasy mess).

Trick #3. Use a makeup primer

I know, it's the third step before beginning to apply makeup, but believe me, this step will make a big difference and will improve the lasting power of the rest of the products on your face. How to find the right one for you? There are several good primers out there, you can even find very good ones at the drugstore (in fact, my favorite is from there), the important thing is to choose the one that best suits your skin type, for example: if you have oily skin, you should use a mattifying primer; if you have dry skin, you should use a hydrating primer; if you have notorious pores, you should use a pore minimizing primer; if you have normal skin, you can opt for a long-lasting primer; etc. Therefore, you should first identify the needs of your skin and then choose a primer according to these needs.

Trick #4. Use long-lasting products

Finally, we get to the fun part of the process: the makeup application. For this, I suggest you get as many long-lasting products as you can, including foundation, concealer, powders, lipsticks, mascara, eyeliner, etc. Let me tell you that I have become a big fan of this type of products thanks to the results I have noticed, this is why every time I read the labels "long-lasting", "sweatproof" or "waterproof" on a product, I trust it immediately. However, don’t worry if not all of your products are labeled as long-lasting, you can still make them work if you follow the other tricks I am sharing in this post. For example, I normally use a regular BB Cream and a light-weight concealer, and even then my makeup still in place all day (Let me know if you want me to share the products I use in an upcoming post).

Trick #5. Set with loose powder

After applying your base products, it is always important to seal them with a loose powder, this will not only prevent your makeup from moving but also will improve its longevity. For that, I recommend that you apply a thin layer of your favorite loose powder all over your face with a large brush. If you have dry skin, you might be thinking I am crazy, but really I am not, you can try to set only the areas where you put concealer with a light powder (e.g. Veil powder by Hourglass), in this way your makeup will stay in place and your skin won’t look drier than a desert.

Trick #6. Apply a setting spray

Yes, this is another step you should add to your routine, but it really is a game-changer. Fixing spray has become in my best ally, not only because it improves the lasting power of my makeup but because it melts in my skin all the previously applied products, giving me a natural and flawless finish, and that is exactly the effect we want in our natural makeup, right?. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money in one more step of your makeup routine, you can find several affordable and good options at the drugstore, pick the one that best suits your skin needs and thank me later.

Trick #7. Touch-Ups

Personally, I am don’t love makeup touch-ups, I rather spend 5 or 10 more minutes in my morning routine than carrying with me all my cosmetics to reapply them several times during the day, which results in a cakey, messy look. If you are like me, good news! With the 6 recommendations above, you only have to carry in your bag a translucent powder in its compact version and your lipstick. Usually, I apply the compact powder 1 or 2 times during the day, when I see the natural oils on my face start coming through, that’s when I blot my face using light touches, and then I apply a thin layer of translucent powder on my T-Zone. For my lips, I don't always reapply lipstick, most of the time I just put some lip balm on and I am ready to go.

I hope you liked this article. Did you find these tips helpful? Leave me your comments below if you have tried some of them, or if you have any other tips to share with us.

Click here to see my makeup tutorial applying the tips above.


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Note: Don’t get frustrated if you don’t achieve the longevity you want in the first attempt, sometimes it is necessary to try several combinations of products before finding the ideal one for you, so be patient and don’t forget to use products for your skin type.

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