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Beauty Report: Makeup Trends to try this Summer 2020 (Part 1)

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

If you are a summer lover like me, I am sure you are excited to know all the fashion and beauty trends for this season of the year that is just around the corner. This is why I gave myself the task of researching the most important makeup trends for summer 2020 and I have recreated them for you. To my pleasant surprise, I found many fun trends, so I decided to split this post into two parts to mention all of them. Keep reading to discover the first 6 trends, you will love them!

Summer Makeup Trend #1. Glossy Skin

Although we have seen this makeup trend before, it is expected to become even more important this summer. I know this trend may sound intimidating for some skin types, however, you can make it work by applying the right products according to your skin's needs. To achieve this wet effect on your skin, I recommend you to use cream products if you have normal or dry skin (click here to see tutorial). If you have oily skin, you can get the effect with your favorite powders and a fixing spray.

Beauty tip: For a radiant and natural complexion, I recommend you to pay special attention to the products underneath your makeup: use your favorite moisturizer and an illuminating primer.

Summer Makeup Trend #2. Graphic Eyeliner

For this summer makeup trend, you just have to use your creativity and draw graphic lines on your eyelids. The cool thing about this trend is that you can make it as wearable as you want since you decide which color to use and how many lines to create. If you still considering this trend too daring, you can do your eye makeup as usual and then apply a glittery eyeliner slightly above the crease, and voila. I think this technique is much less intimidating.

Beauty tip: For more precise lines I recommend you use a pen eyeliner or a liquid eyeliner with a fine-tip applicator.

Summer Makeup Trend #3. Glossy, Stained Lips

Glossy, stained lips are a makeup trend that looks especially gorgeous during summertime. To recreate the look, simply apply a lightly tinted lip gloss to your bare lips, or use a lip stain and then apply a clear gloss on top (click here to see tutorial). I really love this trend because it is perfect to combine with a simple and natural makeup, ideal for summer nights.

Beauty tip: If you like the idea of a romantic look, you can opt for strawberry or cherry tones. I think these colors are flattering for most skin colors.

Summer Makeup Trend #4. White eyeliner

White eyeliner is definitely a must-have for this summer, you can draw a classic cat eye with it or create graphic lines on the eyelids as trend #2 suggests. I find this trend very cool but at the same time wearable, what do you think?

Beauty tip: To accentuate the shape of your eyes, draw a thin line along the lash line with a black eyeliner after applying your white eyeliner.

Summer Makeup Trend #5. Neon eyes

And once again, the eyes will be the center of attention with this makeup trend. You can choose the color you want: pink, orange, yellow, green... the brighter the better. Getting the look is very simple, you just have to apply a neon eyeshadow over your entire eyelid, blend the edges and that's it (click here to see tutorial).

Beauty tip: If you want to test this trend more subtly, draw a classic cat-eye in one of these fun colors.

Summer Makeup Trend #6. Pink cheeks and eyes

This makeup trend looks like something out of a magazine, but it's actually very simple to do. To create this type of makeup you just need to apply a pink blush on your cheeks and use that same blush as your eyeshadow. It is a very youthful and fresh look, I just love it!

Beauty tip: To add dimension, you can apply a darker pink blush to the creases of your eyes and cheekbones. You can totally skip bronzer with this look.

I hope you liked the first part of this beauty report, and don't forget to tell me in the comments which trend has been your favorite so far.

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