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9 tips to build your makeup collection without breaking the bank

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

If you are a makeup lover like me, I am sure that you struggle with the constant temptation to buy new products, perhaps influenced by your friends, favorite YouTubers, or just because you get excited when you see new product launches. Sounds familiar to you? Then, let me tell you that there is nothing wrong with wanting to have a fabulous makeup collection, however, you should consider a couple of things before buying new products to avoid spending excessively and, consequently, to be able to meet your other expenses. For this reason, I want to share with you 9 essential tips, which I personally learned the hard way, to build a good makeup collection without breaking the bank.

Tip #1. Set a monthly budget for makeup

Setting a budget is key, but sticking to this budget is even more important. If you like makeup too much, you should consider a monthly amount of money for the purchase of your makeup products, in this way you will have better control of your expenses and avoid the possibility of overspending.

Tip #2. Choose products according to the characteristics of your skin

With this advice, I mean that you should take into account the type, color, and needs of your skin when selecting your products since if you are going to invest money in them, you must make sure they are right for you. For example, when I just started my makeup collection, I went to a store and asked for a foundation without any knowledge of my skin type or needs, and I ended up buying the first high-end recommendation they gave me, the result was catastrophic of course, the foundation was too cakey and heavy and unfortunately, I had already paid EUR 42 for it. For this reason, I recommend you that, especially for foundations and concealers, you ask for samples in the store, so you can test the color match and suitability for your skin type, before making the actual purchase.

Tip #3. Do your research before buying any product

Whether high-end or drugstore products, be sure to do online research before buying them. You will surely find many reliable reviews on the internet, coming from normal people, like you and me. At the end of the day, this type of opinion is the most honest that exists, since there are no associations or intermediate agreements with the brands. But, of course, you should evaluate the reliability of the websites you are reviewing and analyzing the comments in depth.

Tip #4. Don’t try to build your entire makeup collection at once

Building a makeup collection takes time, so don't be stressed if you only have a bronzer or an eyeshadow palette, you will eventually have more. Also, remember that makeup has an expiration date and you only have one face, so unless you're a professional makeup artist, you don't really need a lot of options for each makeup category.

Tip #5. Evaluate how often you will use the product you want to buy

Will you use this product frequently or only for certain events? How much is this product? Is it worth the investment? With only these 3 questions, you will have your answer and you can make the best decision.

Tip #6. Invest in high-quality products

What I intend to say with this advice is that you should always prefer quality over quantity, but here I would like to clarify that good quality products are not necessarily synonymous with high-end products, since there are also many good quality products in the drugstore and some high-end products that are not of the best quality. It is for the above, that again, it is very important that you inform yourself very well before making your purchases.

Tip #7. Buy travel size makeup to try

A good alternative to try a product is to buy it in its travel size before investing in the full-size version, so if you don't like the product, the damage is less.

Tip #8. Buy your high-end products during special sales

Most makeup stores have special sales during the year when they offer incredible discounts and attractive deals, so I recommend that you be patient and wait for those special occasions to buy most of your high-end products, in this way you will really save a lot of money.

Tip #9. Take the most of your membership cards

If you still don't have the membership cards of your favorite makeup stores, what are you waiting for? Normally, with these memberships, you receive points for each purchase, and then you can exchange your points for special discounts or free products, so these cards are amazing for makeup lovers like you.

I hope you apply these tips and don't make the same mistakes that I made in the past. Give me a like if you find this post useful, and leave me your comment if you have other tips to include in this list. Until next time!


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