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12 Fashion and Beauty Brands donating to the Australian Bushfires

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Recently, I was scrolling through the news feed on my Facebook when I saw again that viral image of a brave woman saving an injured and scared koala from a bushfire in Australia; at that moment, I realized that a few months have passed since that event and I haven't done anything. This is how I came up with the idea of writing a special post in support of Australian wildfires, so I gave myself the homework of researching fashion and beauty brands that are joining the cause by donating a percentage of their proceeds or sales. In this way, if you are interested, you can help by doing what you like best: shopping.

Before sharing the list of brands that I promised you, as a way to raise awareness, I would like to point out some important facts about the wildfires that have been affecting Australia in recent months.

  • Fires have burned around 7.3 million hectares in 6 states of Australia. To put in perspective, this figure is comparable to the length of Denmark and Belgium combined.

  • About 27 people have died across the country during the fires.

  • Around 1 billion animals have been affected by fires throughout Australia, including mammals, reptiles, and birds.

  • New South Wales is the most affected state, with around 4.9 million hectares burned, more than 2000 destroyed or damaged homes, and about half a billion affected animals, including almost a third of the koala population and their respective habitats.

Due to the severity of the Australian wildfires, some celebrities like Elton John, Pink, Chris Hemsworth, Kylie Minogue, Russell Crowe, and Nicole Kidman are making donations to support relief efforts. However, celebrities are not the only ones who have joined the cause, some Australian and international brands are also showing their support for the country by donating a percentage of their sales or profits. The latter represents a great opportunity for normal people, like you and me, to join the cause as well. The following are some beauty and fashion brands where you can buy to support (all of them offer international shipping):

12 fashion and beauty products of brands supporting australian bushfires: clothes, shoes, skincare, accesories

1 // Frank Body

“For the month of January, 100% of all global sales of our A-Beauty Scrub are going to WIRES Wildlife Rescue, CFA in Victoria, and the NSW RFS”.

Frank Body is a coffee-based skincare brand. Honestly, this was one of my favorite findings during my research, so I suggest you visit their website to see all the wonderful things they offer.

2 // She Made Me

“We are donating 100% of our profit this week (January 6-12) to the Australian Salvation Army and WIRES Wildlife Rescue. Our artisan partners in Bali are busy creating Bird and Wildlife Rescue Nets for the Animal Rescue Craft Guild”.

She Made Me is an Australian brand of handmade beachwear, currently available in some important department stores around the world. Check out their online store to discover their beautiful crochet clothes, you will love everything!

3 // Mellow Cosmetics

“For the month of January we are going to donate 100% of the profits from the sales of our Lipsticks to Red Cross Australia, WIRES Wild Life Rescue, and NSW Rural Fire Service”.

Mellow Cosmetics is a makeup brand that offers vegan, cruelty-free and paraben-free products. I was pleasantly surprised to find this brand on the list because I have been interested in trying some of their products for a while now, so this is the perfect opportunity!

4 // Le Specs

“100% of all profits from our lespecs.com globally this week Jan 6th – 12th will be donated to WIRES Wildlife Rescue to help rescue and care for the innocent animals in fire destroyed areas”.

Le Specs is an affordable and modern eyewear brand with an international presence. I definitely recommend you to visit their website to discover their collections available for men and women.

5 // Grown Alchemist

“For the month of January we will be donating 100% of our global sales of our Detox Hydra-Mist+ to the Australian Red Cross in support of the ongoing bushfire relief efforts across Australia“.

Grown Alchemist is an Australian skincare brand, characterized by their innovative formulas for skin regeneration. Learn more about their interesting product offer in their online store.

6 // Tony Bianco

“Tony Bianco will be donating 100% of our online and in-store profits on Saturday 11th January to Red Cross Australia and WIRES Wildlife Rescue”.

Tony Bianco is an Australian brand of shoes and accessories for women. I really loved all their items and I also discovered that they are currently in sales.

7 // Bande Studio

“50% of all online sales will be donated to the Country Fire Authority & Brigades Donations Fund (until January 12)”.

Bande Studio is a clothing brand that offers casual but trendy items, for this reason, it has become the favorite of many bloggers and influencers. I literally love everything on their website.

8 // Petite Grand

“We will be donating 10% of our January sales to the NSW Rural Fire Service and WIRES Wildlife Rescue to support them in this trying time”.

Petite Grand is an Australian Jewelry brand that offers worldwide shipping. They have really beautiful and unique pieces, I suggest you visit their online store to discover their collections.

9 // Merlette

“100% of all sales this week (January 6-12) will be donated to the NSW RFS in support of Australia's fire crisis”.

Merlette is a clothing brand for modern women, their clothes are characterized by their versatility and elegance, but what caught my attention is that they use all-natural materials.

10 // Havaianas

“100% of total online sales will be donated: 08.01.20 to the Australian Red Cross, 09.01.20 to the Salvation Army, 10.01.29 to the WWF-Australia”.

Havaianas is an international footwear brand characterized by its simplicity and style. This brand doesn’t need much presentation since I am sure that you have visited some of its stores, however, I invite you to visit their website to find their new models.

11 // St. Cloud

"ST. CLOUD LABEL will be donating 50% of online sales until Sunday night (January 12) to the Australian Bushfires”.

St. Cloud is an Australian knitwear brand that offers a variety of dresses, tops, jackets, and jumpers. You will love this brand if you like classic items for your every-day.

12 // Restated Vintage

“Restated Vintage will be donating 100% of profits from all sales this week (January 6-12) to the NSW Rural Fire Service”.

Restated Vintage is a vintage clothing brand, which offers a wide variety of graphic tees and other clothes. If you like the vintage and effortless style, you will love all the products on their website.

Before finalizing this post, I want to remember you that you don’t necessarily have to buy to help the cause, you can also make your donations directly to the following organizations:

I hope you can join the efforts in the way you prefer. Give this post a "Like" if you enjoyed it and also leave me your comments if you want to suggest other ways to help. See you soon!


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